Drive Time/ Truck Charges: Minimum truck charge starts @ $50.00. Truck charges are based on travel from Hayward. Please call for rates to your area.

Holiday, Weekends, And After Hours: Minimum $75.00


Service Labor Rates:There is a minimum 2 hour service charge for onsite service. This includes all onsite repairs and calibration services. Additional time is billed in 1 hour increments. Please contact us for a service or calibration quote. Ask us about a calibration agreement for savings on service rates.


Emergency Service, Holidays, Weekends and After hours: Minimum 2 1/2 hour charge at 1 and 1/2  times regular rate.


Shop Rates: There is a minimum 1 hour service charge for all scale repairs and calibrations in shop. Please contact us to schedule an appointment if you would like to come to our shop for service.