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POS/Retail/Wholesale Industry

Scales are widely used and needed in the way we handle food, from the field, to the final sale. Right Weigh Scale has worked with farmers to track crop yields and provide quality control with portable scales used out in the field. We’ve helped wholesalers and packaging companies speed up operations by installing in motion checkweighers. When it comes to the point of sale, we have the right equipment to support a variety of applications. We can certify scales to comply with NTEP and CDFA compliance, as a registered service agency. We can service and certify scanners found at the register as well.

We suggest annual service for scale calibration and inspection prior to weights and measures coming out for certification. This is to ensure scales do not get red tagged or blue tagged for being out of tolerance. We also know that most consumers like to know that your devices are routinely inspected by a third party. It provides them a piece of mind that they are getting what they are paying for.

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