Right Weigh Scale

Quality Inspection Industry

In food processing there are many areas to be concerned for recalls and potential food hazards. Quality control starts with having the right devices to prevent these occurrences from happening. Right Weigh Scale offers a line of inspections equipment and services as part of our scope in the food manufacturing industry. Here are the devices we can offer as part of that quality inspection and verification process.

Ingredient/Food Inventory Controllers- With the integration of a complete ingredient system and scale, inventory and product traceability can be performed. In the event of a recall, product origin can found in less than 30 minutes or less*. Inventory cost and ordering are simplified in a spreadsheet format provided by scale software. *Inputting data at time of receiving products at facility must maintained to ensure compliance with recall.

Checkweighers-In-Motion Checkweighers are a trusted way to ensure repeatable results without the down time of verification and rejection of products. There are many options from manually feeding product, to a integration of scale into existing conveyor. Static checkweighers can assist with quality checks throughout the process and are mobile due to their design.

Metal Detection- Metal Detections has been used for years as the only way to detect metal contaminates in food and other materials. We offer affordable solutions for most environments and applications. Demonstration is available onsite at your facility or at the manufactures in San Jose, CA.

X-Ray- X-Ray gives your operation the highest level of quality control inspection by detecting more than just metals that may end up in products. Plastic, bone, and nylon are just some example of foreign materials that X-Ray can detect. The cost of X-Ray has come down significantly in the past few years with the introduction of new technology. Please contact us today for more information or to request a demonstration.

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