Service Introduction

Right Weigh Scale LLC performs scale repair and scale calibration service for many types of industries located in and around the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are dedicated to providing a customer service unlike any other scale company. We offer on-call service as well as routine calibration services. Our rates are the best in the bay area and you will save more when you sign a calibration agreement. Our office is centrally located in Hayward which keeps travel costs low and allows us to get to your location in reasonable time.

Calibration Agreement Introduction

There are those customers who need routine maintenance to ensure their equipment remains reliable and accurate. Companies involved in retail, gold buying, recycling, production, logistics, and healthcare are required to comply with local and state laws to protect consumers and patients. Additionally, companies have their own requirements to meet internal standards for audit, inventory, and testing. With a calibration agreement Right Weigh Scale works with you to make sure your scales are being maintained properly.

How does a Calibration Agreement Work?

Measurement standards found in Handbook 44 define the testing procedure, but you, the customer; will have your own guidelines in which we conform to as well. We perform routine evaluations based on your industries needs which could be annually, bi-annually, quarterly, and or monthly. We evaluate how your scales are being used and determine the best way to keep the operation at maximum efficiency. Signing a Calibration Agreement establishes a close relationship with Right Weigh Scale so we can better serve you. The service history between us and the client will improve performance and keep scales accurate.

Benefits of a Calibration Agreement

Right Weigh Scale provides our clients with added services and discounts when they commit to a minimum annual Calibration Agreement. The discounted rate for calibration is based travel, onsite time, and any other services offered. The agreement will cover calibration and preventive maintenance. Any repairs made onsite and parts used will be in addition to the rate of calibration service. Benefits include discounts on parts and new equipment, access to emergency service(after hours and weekends), and 24 hour response times to unscheduled service.

Here are the details for Calibration Agreement discounts and advantages:

*Discounts on hourly rates which include shop repairs and onsite service

*Access to emergency service which is defined as response times of 24 hours or less, includes nights and weekends(after normal business hours, rates are 1 ½ times the standard rate). 

*Standard 10% off all new purchase and special pricing on specific makes/ models

*Certificate of Compliance offered after any service. Includes list of scales onsite along with standards used.

*Credit Terms of Net 30 (upon approval of Credit Application)

*Personalized Account Management



•Commercial Device Certification and Repair (out of order tag)

•Scale Calibration and Repair (emergency and contractual basis)

•Certification: Auditing, Insurance Requirements, and Quality Control

•Custom Fabrication

•Preventive Maintenance

•Inventory Control

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